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Grip is a video clip for the band zZz. Grip is a one take, top shot videoclip with professional trampoline gymnasts simulating typical video effects. The video has been recorded live as part of the opening 'Nederclips' at the Stedelijk museum 'S-Hertogenbosch SM'S (curated by Bart Rutten).

The project was commissioned by the TAX-videoclipfonds and an important criteria was that the audience of the opening was be able to witness the whole shoot, another criteria was that it should be added to the exhibition imediately after the shoot was done. So we had no option to reshoot or edit if something went wrong. This made us so focussed that we did better that any of us have could imagined.

Drums: Bjorn Ottenheim
Keyboard: Daan Schinkel
Trampoline Gymnasts: Sven Mooij, Kirsten Boersma, Renaud Victor
Timeline: Isabel Penisga
Gray Men: Jurriaan van Nimwegen, Patric van den Dorpel

Director: Roel Wouters a.k.a. Xelor
Producer: Ivo de Jongh, Jack Kuiper
Executive Producer: Vargo Bawits
Choreography: Sabine Linz
Camera: Sal Kroonenberg
Grip: Jorrit Haas
Gaffer: Daan de Boer
Best Boy: David Hoekstra
Production Design: Alexander Six
Costume Design: Niki Mens
First A.D.: Ari Hemelaar
Make Up: Cecilia Kuhnen
Grading: Jack Kuiper
Assistant Xelor: Veerle Arts
Production Assisant: Hugo van der Meer, Rachel Janssen, Barbara sikking, Sietse van den Broek

Grip is a Xelor & Goeroe media production commisioned by the TAX-videoclipfonds / Jan Schuijren.
Thanks to: Luna, Job, Kj, SM's, Cam-a-lot
© Xelor & Goeroe media 2007

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