segunda-feira, fevereiro 04, 2008

laura splan - blood scarf, 2002
Blood Scarf depicts a scarf knit out of clear vinyl tubing. An intravenous device emerging out of the user's hand fills the scarf with blood. The implied narrative is a paradoxical one in which the device keeps the user warm with their blood while at the same time draining their blood drip by drip.

harma heikens - treasure island, 2005

john isaacs - today i starded loving you again, 2003

ron mueck - spooning couple, 2005
The figures in Spooning Couple are tiny, no more than 65 centimetres long. They are lying together on a fairly low plinth and you look down on them from a bird's eye (almost godlike) perspective. The man, naked from the waist down, the woman, naked from the waist up, are lying together, almost in a foetal position, her body fitting into the hollow of his body - like spoons.

patricia piccinini - surrogate (for the northern hairynosed wombat), 2005

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