segunda-feira, dezembro 24, 2007

no colo

não sou fã de colares, mas desses aqui eu gostei:

These little guys will escort you everywhere. Full of black and silver glass beads and etched glossy acrylic they will make sure you look sexy in every meeting. Finished with a lobster clasp for easy adjustment on your neck.


Why are you reading my necklace?

tilly bloom

I used to try to save perfect pencil shavings. They looked so beautiful, especially if I'd sharpened a couple of different colours.
But they'd never keep.
I'd try to keep them whole for as long as I could but they never lasted for very long.
Now I can make ones that do keep.
And you can even wear them around your neck.

(rolou uma identificação, sabe?)

victoria mason

2 comentários:

Miho Sakato disse...

why are you reading my necklace?

because i love your necklace!

that's wonderful idea:)

Miho Sakato disse...

did you enjoy the party last night?